Sunday, August 02, 2009

Been some time now, hasn't it...

Things are still rolling along. Still here, at least.

So, from my last post till now, couple of things have happened. Here we go-

1) Visited my relatives in HK
2) Visited my brother in Tokyo
3) Got really chubby on the way
4) Returned to Melb
5) Enlisted into the Singapore Civil Defence Force on 9th Sept '08
6) Went through basic (regimental+physical) training for 1 month
7) Posted to the 31st Emergency Response Specialist Course
8) Finished all training on the 3rd April '09 *cough*
9) Accepted into PSB Academy, under UWA's Biomedical Science course
10) Posted to Yishun Fire Station

And since then, I've been dragging my heavy soul to and fro between no.9 and 10.
Kinda sucky really, because just recently, I've decided to cease all my studies and just focus on living and working till the day I finish my National Service period (8th Sept '10).

Not to mention I've had to watch over my handicapped uncle after he was told to move out of his place and had no place to rent after that (To this, I still know not the full story).
Life's pretty much been on rotation, with approx. 30 hours of my life fully dedicated to being at work (in station) and the rest spent lazing around or reading my textbooks.

I've picked up a whole lot of cooking, cooking about 66.6666% of my meals now (the 24 hours at station calls for delivery). Curries, various a la carte meals...

I've for some unknown reason, felt myself drifting away from Church - and even sometimes, Christianity itself. Only thing that keeps me feeling Christian really, is my personal belief of Christ, my occasional bible read, singing a couple of old-time songs and the very very occasional prayer of desperation.

In a nutshell, life seems pretty darn sad for me, doesn't it? Personally, I really don't know. I've tried too many times to sit back and just review what's gone on, but most of it really doesn't make a lot of sense.

I'm not waiting for someone to come and make things right, nor am I looking. I take this period, as a time for me to simply rebuild and reshape myself from the bottom to top. Gosh, the things I've seen and done at work. It's all coming too fast. I feel like I've grown up way too quickly. I am the youngest in the station after all. And the people there...The people I "hang" out with now. A very different and unusual world to what I'm used to. It's hard to describe it all and thus far, only my parents know really, a small percentage of what's been going on with me. As it is, strangely enough, the only things that cheer me up these days is well, nothing. Yet, I don't feel depressed or empty. Neither have I gone numb to the things in this world. I've seen the faces of men who would (or already have) take their own life out of madness or sorrow. And it never fails to sadden me about such things. I pray for their souls even then.

Even right now, I hear my uncle lamenting to a friend over the phone about how lonely, how imprisoned and how bored he is. Don't blame him though - it's been 2 months now that he's been stuck here. It takes great effort for him to simply exit the door. He's only been outside once this whole time.

Well it's good hearing myself again. I don't know what kind of person I will be to the ones I love and the ones who love(d) me, the next time we meet, but really - people change all the time!
Well hasn't this been boring. Time to hit up GTA4 on the 360!

But seriously, I did this mostly because I felt this blog needed a little updating. I mean it is in mine and Ray's MSN names still, after all this time. Comics-wise...maybe next time. Or till I get myself a nice camera and start funking around.

Anyway, hope to see any of you guys from Melbourne around soon. You have no idea how much I really do miss everyone back there.

God Bless,

Sunday, February 03, 2008

So, a warlock came along...and he said "Hey I have a soulstone" So I was like, "Hey cool, ressurect me"

I honestly, honestly wanted to pop a couple of pictures here but *technological rant inserts here*
Anyway, things have been pretty cool. Text is boring. BUT, I have been doing a significant amount of reading while racking up flight hours in Flight Simulator 2004 (Buy me Xplane 9 or FSX+Acc and I'll be your noodles while you be the soup)

I have been unable to speak to a great many of you with reasons being listed in order of relevance:
1) I am a lazy bastarr-do (You say it with the Russell Peter Italiano accent: bastarr-do? NO bastarr-do...Bastarr-d-NO bastarr-do)
2) I tend to be absent from the computer even though MSN (Yes, the greatest indicator of a human being's existence ever) shows me as "online"
3) We're 3 hours apart, I'm here without you babeh
4) I'm taking multiple shots at Crosswind landings 36 knots perpendicular with a 100000 lbs overloaded 747 struggling to center that dratted ILS
5) Live for speed, say no more.
6) I hate people.
7) I could've written an email but writing mails are so the-romanticism-period. Plus, referring back to 1) I really can't be bothered sifting through the stale address book of my coming to 8 years old hotmail account. I mean, hotmail actually saves the MSN names of these people. C'mon PEOPLE, your names are for names. At least have your name in the first twenty or so characters before turning your name into a diary entry or boast-fest to demonstrate wealth, love, desire, skill, support, youtube and blogs. I mean, HOW THE HECK am I supposed to know who "I love you so much it hurts some times." is?! Is he man? Is she woman? Is he woman? Is she man? Is he Cloverfield? Is she John McClane?
8) I just love you guys so much it hurts some times. (Ah, but you see, it's the lucky number 8)

Singapore has been both fun and boring all the same. It's fun being able to speak 10 words of Chinese and have a bowl of laksa, a plate of carrot cake, two lots of satay sitting at the table with sugarcane juice to gulp it down.
It is also wet. By that, I refer not to our country getting all kinky, but that it's humid humid humid humid hot hot hot hot hot hot and sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky.
My neighbours are tolerant of my midnight musical pangs. I bang on the piano, I bang on the guitar and I get my larynx banging hard at the best hours of the night. Heck, I'm so gonna get myself a cheap student violin and shriek away. Who knows, they might even vote (read: evict) me as the best neighbour ever. As Avril Lavigne once said, "The Best Damn Thing"

I also swore to start a huge exercising regime the moment I arrived but have failed to do so until about Friday. So I thought I'd give it a shot on Friday. I ran and panted in short notice. I jumped and landed, okay well, spot on. I lay and sat up with plenty more to spare, and here's the kicker...I got to the bar and pulled 3. THREE. With no exercise in the past month coming to two, and just food coming in I had gone from two to three. I swear, Singaporean food is filled with pixie dust. The stuff that makes boys men and men...hypogryphons? Oooo, Centaurs would be cool too.

I've also enjoyed watching box-cars drive by. For example, the toyota Wish. Amazing car, that. Now, before you go off to google images....Imagine a Prius. Good good, keep that image in your head.Now imagine someone made a Prius limo. Yep, excellent you're getting there. Now imagine the idiot reversed his brand new Prius limo into a flat wall at 100kilometres per hour (Okay being a toyota...make that 50.) Now I know, it's meant to be a minivan...But the thing isn't that much bigger than a Prius! It's a Prius with square buttocks! Likewise with the Honda Stream and the Odyssey. They are the sexiest cars I have ever seen. All square-buttocks-ey and all.

Well, it's been brilliant typing to no one, hoping someone reads it and goes "Hey this guy is cool" or I'll ship him a Toyota Wish. Or perhaps a Honda Stream, what with the whole "V-TEC y0" thing as opposed to "This Hybrid is pimpin bro". I don't even know if Priusbob Squarebuttocks utilizes a hybrid engine.

On that bombshell, it's time to disengage autopilot and descend to FL120 for initial approach to Seattle International. I'll keep in touch, keep frosty, ride hard, rock on, have a good one, and all the other fancy imsocoolforsayingthis farewells.

God bless,

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Something with an actual plot surfaces...

Greetings. A new comic abounds, and this one I believe could get an Illustrated Pulitzer's if that even exists.
Enjoy in its full splendour.
Yes, yes it's the brainchild of maths, golly gosh. All hail the almighty LN function!
Or, if your internet is crap (We at Mauray Beta have no sympathy for internet lacklustres), click here for a direct link to the high-quality comic!


Monday, June 11, 2007


Alike Maurice, I too have neglected dear Mauray-beta for a long time...
Well, no comics in this post though I could tell you how sulfuric acid is made or how I came to remember that the debits are on the left side (Ms Gowland's accounting joke. Ask me for more details =p).


Im really just here to wish all of you the best of luck for all your exams.

May the spirit of Le Chatelier/Issac Newton/Gregor wtvhisfatherofgeneticsnamejurornumber6is/Pacioli be with you guys.
Alternatively, you could just ask God for his wisdom =).

Sunday, May 13, 2007

So people have noticed that this has been rather neglected for the past year or so.
Good! I think the best thing about this "beta" thing is that it'll remain beta for as long as it can.
Anyway, I thought I'd pop up a comic before burying my cerebrum in paper.
Of course, it's all for your entertainment and has nothing to do with me whatsoever.

Happy mother's day to all, give your mums hugs from me regardless of whether I know them or even you or not. I'd also like to take this time to say Happy Mother's Day to Ray as well. It's a special occasion for him and I thought I'd put forth a show of sincerity for him. So all you who pass him by, wish him Happy Mother's Day! I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

Honestly, this blog thing is ridiculous. I can't think of anything else honest and serious to write. I'll just leave you with what I've always left you with. A piece of my humour.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

This is not a random post

Greetings to you who are bored..

Thursday, May 18, 2006